Monday, August 8, 2011

Things that Battle with Common Sense

I believe, and argue with me if I'm wrong (I always love a good argument ), that at this time there is a lot of things that battle with common sense.  I would like to use the birth control debate, whether it should be free or not. The basic idea is that birth control pills should be fully covered by health insurance. The argument against is, a, religious reasons (which I would say if it conflicts you so much then don't use it) and, b, that it will make people whores. I don't get what people have going through there heads when they think this stuff up. The mindset of people is not since the government is paying for my birth control I am going to have as much sex as I want.

oh well, that's what I think post a comment if you agree or disagree

P.S. On a slightly different note I am going to embark on making robots out of recycled junk so post a good project if you know of one.